Post Construction Cleaning

COVID-19 is a worldwide thread that can cause death, and a lot of people are scared of going to work. Protect your clients, employees and yourself by sanitizing your building, store, place of work and other items. This virus can be stopped, there’s a way to prevent the spread.

Why you should
do it?

Post construction cleanup is necessary for the health and safety of the people who use the building. If no cleaning services are used the dust from post construction can become airborne and have many negative effects to a person’s health.

Companies in New York City rely on MCJ Cleaning to remove, dirt, dust and debris that construction companies leave behind. MCJ Cleaning will do the hard work so you can focus on your business.

Once we have completed the post construction clean up the place will be ready to use.

What to expect?

Extremely clean walkways, entryways and elevators by being sweep, power wash and wipe down on basically everything; essential for creating a great first impression.

Elimination of all dust and residue hided in many hard to reach and unknown places.

Improved indoor air quality for employees, visitors and customers.