Post Construction Cleaning

Our post construction service works great for clients who just had renovation/construction done at their facilities or properties. We will remove all debris, all white dust, grout or any leftovers from the construction, as well as disinfecting to make sure the facility is clean and safe to work, we understand every facility is different and not all of them need the same so we will always work around the clients needs.

What to expect?

Remove all dust from all surfaces.

Dust all walls to make sure there’s no white dust behind.

Dust all light fixtures.

Remove all debris.

Remove paint, grout or any residues from construction if applicable

Vacuum all carpeted areas

Deep clean inside and outside bathroom cabinets.

All light switches, door knobs and power outlets will be cleaned and Desinfected.

Move all appliances to clean under and behind.

Deep clean all floors

Deep clean windows and doors frames.

Deep clean all baseboards.

Deep clean all bathrooms and disinfect them.

Deep clean inside kitchen cabinets.

Clean and polish all appliances on the outside.

Spot clean all mirrors and glass doors.

Clean inside cabinets of vanity, as specified in walkthrough.