Deep Cleaning

This is one of our most recommended services, as is the one we got to do on our first appointment to deeply cover all areas on your household, this includes moving all furniture and appliances to clean every detail and surface of your home. We recommend this service to be done once every 6 months.

What includes?

Deep clean the bathrooms

Move all furniture to clean under and behind.

Dust all furniture, wipe down if necessary.

Deep clean the microwave inside and outside

Deep clean all kitchen cabinets on the outside

Deep clean stove

Move fridge and oven to clean under, behind and sides.

Clean all appliances on the outside.

Clean all baseboards

Remove major dirt, grease or crayons from walls.

Clean all light fixtures

Broom, Vacuum and Mop the floors.

Dust all doors and window frames.

Clean and sanitize all switches, outlets and door knobs.

Dust and wipe down shelves.

Deep clean all vents and fans.

Includes washing of two loads of laundry.