Commercial and office day to day cleaning

COVID-19 is a worldwide thread that can cause death, and a lot of people are scared of going to work. Protect your clients, employees and yourself by sanitizing your building, store, place of work and other items. This virus can be stopped, there’s a way to prevent the spread.

Why hire MCJ Cleaning?

We specialize in commercial and office cleaning. We have experience cleaning offices of all kind of sizes, starting from small commercial properties to entire floors of office buildings. All our services are suitable to your needs.

Cleaning is our passion and we guarantee that we will leave your building professionally clean.

What to expect?

High standard cleaning by expert staff that will get the job done right the first time.

Every inch of the commercial property clean without leaving a surface untouched.

A cleaning schedule that is suitable to your needs, so we don’t disrupt your office productivity.

We provide a cleaning service you can depend on.

Our highly trained staff of cleaners always make sure to clean every possible surface professionally and with powerful, antibacterial cleaning products.

No matter the type of office you have, our experts will use the right products and techniques to keep everything up to standard. We know the delicate nature of information security and will clean around any papers on desks.

We will make sure that your office is welcoming to everyone!